Abbreviated Litecoin Instructions


Credentials (my pool, you should use your own pool unless you know me personally):

  • Credentials LTC
    • 3334
    • juliusakula.guest0
    • pw
  • Credentials DOGE
    • 3333
    • juliusakula.guest0
    • pw
  • Donations DOGE: DBXssVS4pWNtfSEnxvxdfzHNVomWJFN4rc
  • Donations LTC :  LfcLWnxRv433ezzYUUJ7pUUy5v8m3ik7yW
  • Donations BTC: 1MYw9Vmf42BjcmSuZ1KmNNzsq7v3oNiagJ

Keep reading for quick instructions on getting started mining LTC

“Smart users always understood that if you’re using bitcoins to move money from one place to another, you best get in and out of the things as quickly as possible to minimize your exposure to their extreme volatility. ” —,0,6654843.story#ixzz2nszUmDPz

An abstraction about mining. For visually understanding people.

Imagine how complex a hundred million sided dice is. Imagine it rolling, Imagine a Graphical Processing Unit(graphics care or GPU) processing this action and selecting one number at random –as many times as possible, and as fast as possible. Now three dice___&___, all as fast as possible –because you want all three dice to match!

Part two of short_explanation: ” … And you are mining in a POOL. The juliusakula pool has now one computer mining 24/7.  Mining in a pool basically means Every Time you try to match all three dice, you get a ticket stub 다운로드. When ANYONE eventually wins, you get Each of the ticket stubs redeemed for a fair portion of the prize. The person who wins the prize gets no more than anyone else. Pool. Poool- Payout split, but payOut much more Often. … L ”
That’s an elaborate metaphor(s) that really saves a lot of explaination about , I don’t know, any number of vocabulary words that would not help you understand. Blockchain, etc. And I don’t think I can provide any more information about Litecoin, Bitcoin than google can.

So join my pool BTW!

So this program is designed to play this game  ___&___ very fast, using your GPU.

Depending on how good your GPU is this game can be profitable. A year or two ago I built myself a custom gaming computer because I was really into starcraft II 다운로드. Then diablo III came out and I think my characters are maxed out enough for now, so I have switched this gaming computer over to a litecoin mining. Any (recent- 3years or less) gaming computer ought to be good for litecoin mining. Unless it was expensive 4 years ago. Who knows,

You should look into whether or not this will be profitable for you:

List of expected hashrates with mining litecoin here–>

[A Quick note, If there’s something not understood just comment on … any of these blog pages.  I guess for general questions comment on this page. And also this is Justin Murdock’s website,  he checks it often. Feel free to ask anything, Hi Mom!]

If it is indeed profitable, by all means use these credentials for now to get your hashrate 유튜브 레드 음악 다운로드. Hashrate is measured in Kilo-Hashes, much like KB, MB, GB just with hashes. A hash is a measurement of speed —how many ticket stubs you get per hour.

juliusakula.guest0 pw  [<– guest ZERO is -u , pw is -p]
juliusakula.guest1 pw
juliusakula.guest2 pw

Those will work for the temporary, and when you get it running on the temporary let me know and if your name is Bob, I will create a juliusakula.bob account for you. Then you just have to make sure your computer never sleeps and mines a lot of litecoin. Good way to contact me is: Comment your system information like the other people have on the “So you want to Mine LTC post . Then I will email you directly. Also, having your system info will help me discuss issues with you. For multiple set ups comment both system info. “

If it is not, you should look at my next blog post: “The Dedicated LiteCoin Mining Rig.” [ ]<– 백송작명.

  • Combined these 2/3 of the mine and my friends money with my brothers other 1/3 of the money, and ordered the computer!
  • It will arive sometime next week(this post updated 12/7/2013)
  • And the $900 computer is split 3 ways, 300 each for initial investment. The speed, 860KHash, will provide $760 over the course of a month. (Also would be so bold to say it will be more than 860KHash, but I don’t actually know that yet..)
  • We will see if the hardware investment will be worth it!


Oh, and here are the credentials to get on juliusakula pool:

host =
port = 3334
uname= juliusakula.guest0
password = pw

using cgminer (first use command line and go to folder with cgminer.exe in it) “cgminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u juliusakula.guest0 -p pw ”

instructions for using the much simpler Guiminer(once you understand mining and have a chance that it will be profitable). Simply type in the host change the number in the text field “port” to 3334. There are two columns of text fields.

select your graphics card(text field bottom of right column):  (you did find out what your graphics card is, right?), select your choice of a .guest# account, (0-2 are free always), and type ‘juliusakula.guest1’, for example, in the username field 다운로드. password is ‘pw’ on any of the guest accounts. Push Start. Never Let It Sleep:

Those are the instructions, these are the download links: AMD Catalyst Driver(Req. by guiminer because it is rolling a 100 million sided die, you want this software driver to be up to date anyway). Then the SDK, this gives special access to Advanced Parrell Processing or something, I dunno, let’s not get technical. Thirdly, the folder with the mining program.( this is the program that you extract, you install and and push start andmake an exception in your antivirus if that applies to you, and it will spin those three dice as fast as your graphics card can possibly do this. If you don’t understand that rolling these dice makes your computer lag… Like, the computer is like, thinking hard.)

Those three links and you can be mining , and it will be a breeze if you have a Radeon HD series graphics card 핸드폰 유튜브 동영상 다운로드. If I’ve ever built a computer for you, you definitely have a Radeon HD graphics card. Next post will be the hardware on my dedicated rig.


So heres a link to this post with comments… my website needs some work I’ll try and fix it up when I have more time. I think with wordpress –(this is site set up using wordpress)– I should stop making “blog posts” and only make “pages”, then people will always be able to comment on my pages. Because you can comment on pages but not blog posts. Makes total sense. Comments / General discussion bottom of HERE:[

UPDATE: 12/6/2013

DOGE COIN UPDATE 12/18 Pronounced Oh, D-Oh-g Coin

Putting resources at top of this post.

We now support DOGE coin. This much good, very best. Such interest, many economics. Wow.

DOGE good, why?

  • Such Moon! Very Going!
  • Fuck china. Fucking, damnit guys. Litecoin is at $13.
  • Mining dogecoin was a 0.05 second switch from mining litecoin
  • all you do to mine dogecoin versus mining litecoin is below. Use GUIMiner still, just change these fields 이투스 모바일 다운로드.
  2. 3334
  3. juliusakula.justin
  4. pw
  • now,
  2. 3333
  3. juliusakula.justin
  4. pw
  • you will have the same username/pw If you had a username/password from earlier. I created them for the dogecoin pool. If you need an account comment  HERE:[
  • The price of litecoin and bitcoin are not exactly the very low, but they are low if you invested when they were higher. DOGE are like, a joke, so the value isn’t really dependent on bitcoin as much. I consider them recession-proof, even though china selling all their bitcoin doesn’t really make right now a “recession” but it is clearly affecting the price. It makes right now a good-ish time to buy bitcoin. But it could be like 300 steady in a month.. who knows. if you can’t afford to lose don’t invest when everyone is saying “the new all time high is a bargain price! Mooon!” Heinzseight is 20/20, but did anyone really wonder why people were saying that a $1200 bitcoin –wasn’t restupid? Did anyone feel they should’ve invested way earlier, but just did right then when it was 900 or 1000? Why not consider investing later? DOGE isn’t an investment or serious at all — but it could be worth something one day. right now they are 1/100 of a cent



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